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Dloz'lami: Sis Thembi's best hairstyles

Dloz'lami is a show that helps people navigate through their lives. They are able to speak to their loved ones through their Thembi Nyathi, our resident medium. She has the ability to translate dreams and be a comfort to those who need it.

She is also someone who is super fashionable, her hair always makes a statement.

I love that her job description doesn't limit her ability to change up her style or wear pants. She's completely subverted what I had in my mind as a spiritual person. It is so great that in modern times it doesn't have to be an old fashion approach that works.

Here are some of her hairstyles that I absolutely adore!

Blonde Short Hair

This is her classic style and I never tired of it. The bleached blonde goes with her skin tone and the way she styles it. It's a wonderful look. 10/10.

Red Short Hair

I love the blonde hair but the red was something so different. It's the kind of red that I always associate with a Rihanna look from years back. It's bright and bold. I wouldn't choose it for myself (I'm not that brave) but it looks great on her! 9/10

Bald Headed Hair

I have to say I was so surprised to see Sis Thembi with no hair at all! I mean she looked so much younger with that look and her makeup was on point. I believe when you go bald you have to have the perfect makeup for it. She looked amazing! 10/10

Black Shaved Sides hair

As much as I love colour on Sis Thembi, black hair will always be a good look on her. She chose to style the hair by shaving the sides here and she looks extremely edgy. 10/10

What is your favourite hairstyle by Sis Thembi? Let me know in the comments...💬

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Source: Dloz'lami on Moja love DSTV channel 157

Content created and supplied by: Ndumiee (via Opera News )

Dloz'lami Thembi


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