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Skin Care

How To Get A Smooth And Clear Skin

Having a bumpy or rough skin especially on your face can be frustrating.Here are few natural ways that can help you get a smooth and clear skin

•Keep dirt away from your face.Make it a habit to wash your face for atleast 2-3 times a day

•Wash your face with clean warm or cold water.Do not use hot water on your face

•Avoid washing your face with the same cloth you use for your entire body.Get a separate cloth for your face or use your hands

•Avoid scented soaps

•Do not pop your pimples as they may spread all over your face

•Wash your hands before attempting to touch your face

•Keep your face moisturized

•Avoid using harsh products on your face such as skin lightning creams and others

•Avoid being in the sun for too long,too much sunlight can cause damage to your skin.Use sunscreen for your skin's protection

•Don't put on makeup everyday.If you do then make sure you wash it off and moisturise your face before you go to bed

•Apply unscented vaseline and gently massage your face in circular motion.This is to allow blood to circulate

•Avoid Oily foods.Eat enough fruits and Vegetables

•Get enough sleep,and drink enough water it is essential for the good health of your skin

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