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What are some tips for making my hair grow thicker and longer?

Yes, this is my hair and I absolutely adore it. I think it's easy to grow your hair long and thick. Your hair just needs your attention. So these little things work for me:

I wash my hair twice a week. But every time before washing them I make sure I massage my hair scalp with warm coconut oil and keep it overnight. And yes I do it every time, no matter what.

Before shampooing hair, always apply conditioner at your ends so that shampoo does not attack them directly which ultimately protects your hair ends from drying and splitting.

Something that I have learned over time is, never ever shampoo your hair without oiling. Believe me, your hair will bless you always for doing that.

If you are in hurry to wash your hair or cannot keep oil overnight then before shampooing hair apply coconut oil, honey, and curd mask. All you need to do is take 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and warm it up. Then add a half tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of curd. Mix it properly and apply as a mask 1 hour before wash. It works wonders.

One thing that I could never understand is that why people apply shampoo to their hair twice during a wash. If you shampoo them nicely just once it will take away all the oil. But never apply shampoo directly to the scalp. Mix it with water so that its applied evenly.

Another mistake that commonly most of the people do is applying conditioner at scalp. Conditioner is made for applying at lower ends of hair, not in the scalp.

The other thing that helped my hair is that I never use a hairdryer and believe me I don’t have one. I rarely use hair straighteners too. Rarely.

Eat healthy food. Junk food has adverse effects both on your body and hair. Believe me, these are the only things that I do to make my hair longer, stronger and thicker. I don’t do anything extra besides them. Love your hair and they will love you back.

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