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Opinion| It Is Fine Not To Have A Gucci Or LV Belt

All clothing is branded, even clothes from normal clothing stores are a brand. The challenge is the obsession with luxury brands. What is it that people are chasing from these luxury brands?

What social ‘benefits’ do they accrue from wearing an LV or Gucci be it fake or authentic? The cultural influence of brands can never be underestimated.

Buy local brands, that is what South Africans need to learn. Some people end up using real money to buy fake goods because they are trying to impress people who couldn't even careless. Unnecessary peer pressure.

Some people have private buyers who go buy fake goods and buy an original packaging for them so they can request high prices, and sadly, these people believe that they are wearing original brands.

Then there are those that buy an original sneaker and go buy the same sneaker but fake, then return the fake one in the original box for a refund. For some, they take back the original one to the store just so people can assume it is real because the receipt and package was posted on social media.

The problem with people who like clothing brands is that they put themselves under unnecessary pressure and end up having to buy fakes, in many cases. Many of the Gucci's paraded on social media are fake.

Many people buy Gucci from the boot of a car. Fake. Dress what suits you and that which you are comfortable in. It is fine not to have a Gucci or LV belt.

Expensive brand owners do not even know Soweto or any South African township, let alone know what your favourite beer or cider is and will never send condolences at your funeral or warm wishes at your graduation ceremony yet people run around not supporting even one South African brand.

Also, local brand owners should stop charging a lot for their goods, this is what makes people alternate to buying counterfeit products because they cost much less than local brands.

As a brand owner, remember your target market.

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