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Rosette Ncwana's boots grab her fans' attention.

We have different kinds of obsessions, while some have a thing for weaves some are more of a shoes person. We are different and like different things. You find some people prioritizing shoes more than anything else. Having a collection of shoes and actually them taking pride in it.

Rosette Ncwana is one of the old time models and is still very much relevant. That can only mean that she is good at her job and of course, how she is ageless. She looks very beautiful and young. She is one of the few women that prove that "black don't crack".

She is one of the people that make sure that she is always looking good. She shared pictures of herself looking beautiful in an all black/gold outfit. She had on red bottom black boots. They obviously grabbed her fans' attention especially with her the red is just popping out. The those boots are something else. 

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Rosette Ncwana


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