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"Stole Bathu design, combined it with Drip logo" SA'ns reacts to a Drip look-alike shoe called Danko

Drip is currently one of the best locally produced shoe and it is one of the most loved shoe in South Africa and has made a hig splash in the last few years.

On the same side there is Bathu also on the same lavel with Drip which has in its own right made a name for itself in the clothing industry and has tried to remain relevant to this day even with heavy competition from Drip.

Now it seems as though both Drip and Bathu have a new competitor in the market in the form of a shoe thay looks more like Bathu but with a Drip logo the shoe is called Danko.

South Africans have been reacting to the shoe and one user even went on to note that "Danko stole Bathu design and combined it with Drip logo ".

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