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OPINION| " Miss SA finalist this year are not hot but they are just intelligent "

Well as we saw over the weekend the Miss South Africa competitions were in session and the current Miss South Africa was chosen, as it happens every year. Last year we got to witness yet another reign of a former miss south africa, and the same happened this year as Lalela Mswane was chosen to be the miss South Africa 2021.

Although it seems that there might be some questions about the decision of making Lalela the Miss South Africa 2021, people have been twitting and posting their thoughts on social media about the decision and it seems like most people are confused as to why and how she may have won the Miss South Africa.

Well someone even said that the Miss South Africa is now an intelligence contest not about beauty and so on. I believe he said this because Lalela is a very educated individual as she is said to be a medical graduate from the University of Pretoria, one 9f South Africa's biggest university. And she's been said to be part of the Alumni as well, so that is one thing that is making people believe that the Miss SA contest isn't about beauty anymore but more about the intellectual aspect.

If that is the, or if the Miss South Africa contest was more about intelligence than beauty, that would mean that a lot of people wouldn't be allowed to even enter in the first place. Sure the when looking for Miss SA they do consider how that person will be influencial to the younger generation of women and how they empower the generation of young women, but we really shouldn't just say it is more of an intelligence contest than a beauty contest. I think Lalela would empower more women with short hair and dark skin to become better, that could be the reason why she won.

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