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Here's how to get yellow stains off your white shoes, according to a South African House keeper.

While White clothing may make you look elegant and professional, it's actually really hard to clean. Anyone who owns white shoes knows the struggle of getting rid of the yellow stains that develop on them after a while. Luckily a helpful housekeeper has shared her method of how to do it. Here are all the details and as well as a some instructions on how to be cautious when doing this.

The helpful lady posted a video to social media site TikTok recently, which you can watch by clicking on the link below, that explains how to clean the shoes.

According to her you will need three ingredients, luckily they are all ingredients that can be found in most homes. These are Bicarbonate Soda, dishwashing liquid and some vinegar.

All of these will be mixed together with warm water. Which you will than wash your shoes in. She goes on to say that when you dry your shoes, you shouldn't dry them in the sun but instead in the shade.

It's clear that many people found this useful as the video got approximately one hundred and fourteen thousand likes, approximately seven hundred and twenty two comments and approximately six thousand three hundred and ninety two shares at the time of writing.

To watch her video click on the link below or keep reading for my opinion.

While the Woman does state that she is a housekeeper, which means that she may have done this alot, I urge people to always try tips they find online with old shoes first. So that if something does go wrong, you will not be losing your new or favorite pair of shoes.

I would also like to urge people to take special care of their white clothing and shoes, as from my experience, some stains can completely ruin them.

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