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5 benefits of banana peels, you will never throw them away after this

1. Helps reduce appearance of bruises

The clumsy people of the world will love this banana peel hack. If you rub a banana peel over a bruise it will help reduce its size and appearance. You can get results faster if you leave the banana peel on the bruise overnight.

2. Reduces acne

Banana peels can help ward off acne. Banana peels contain lutein and other vitamins that fight acne breakouts. Just rub it over your face and allow it to set overnight for best results.

3. Shine shoes

Leather shoes can definitely look pretty bleak after a few months of use. Shoes can be brought back to life by rubbing them with a banana peel.

4. Itch relief

Banana peels work to reduce itching from insect bites and even poison ivy. Rub the impacted area with the peel and allow the soothing properties to go to work.

5. Whiten teeth

Banana peels can effectively remove stains from your teeth. Rub the peels over your teeth and gums one or two times a day for a few weeks. You will notice that your smile is much brighter.

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