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HOW THE SEA HEALS: Why Going To The Sea Is Good For Your Health

Sea water contains all the elements important for our life - sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silicon, even silver and gold. Sea water penetrates deep into the skin and thus enables the action of minerals and trace elements.

The sea also contains algae that are rich in minerals. Algae have long been considered a source of health and beauty. They stimulate cell renewal, improve the appearance of the skin, stimulate metabolism, strengthen immunity, prevent inflammation, clean the skin and help remove cellulite.

Sea salt has antiseptic and antihistamine properties, which is why it is beneficial for allergic skin reactions. 

Also, the air near the sea is saturated with negative ions, facilitates breathing and has a beneficial effect on people suffering from asthma.

Sunbathing not only brings a beautiful complexion, but also supplies us with vitamin D, which our body needs so much. You don't have to sunbathe in the heat to get vitamin D. For sunbathing, choose the morning or evening hours. Note that sunscreens prevent the skin's ability to produce vitamin D. Staying at sea relieves stress. What else has such a relaxing effect as the sun, light wind and the sound of the waves…

Holidays at sea give us the opportunity to forget about everyday problems and relax completely. Magnesium, which sea water contains, has been proven to work in the fight against stress.


The sea is ideal for sports activities. Swimming, diving, water aerobics, beach volleyball… Sports and health are closely linked. In fact, there is no health without sports.

The sea relieves arthritis and back pain. Thanks to its composition, sea water relieves pain, reduces inflammation, relaxes and stimulates the release of excess fluid from the body.

Bathing in sea water stimulates the functions of organs that filter and excrete harmful things from the body, such as the liver, kidneys and skin.

Due to its rich composition, sea water has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps with many skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

And finally, the blue color of the sea and looking into the distance have a beneficial effect on our eyes.


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