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Ladies, Take a Look At How You Can Remove Your Makeup Effortlessly.

When you return home from a long, difficult day or weekend after a party, you may be tempted to postpone removing your makeup before going to bed.

 Leaving makeup overnight can dry out and damage your whip, clogging your pores and causing sores. Follow this simple makeup removal technique in just a few minutes and wake up with your shiny healthy skin.

 Method 1 Remove 3 ፡ eye makeup

 1. Use eye makeup remover to soften cotton wool.

 Most eye makeup can be removed with two rounds of eye makeup. It combines oil-based deodorant with clean, mild and calming properties. This is a great option for thick eye makeup; However, the formula tends to split, so shake the bottle thoroughly before using.

 A. If you use waterproof mascara and liner, or if your eye makeup is particularly strong, wear an oil-based cleanser. Waterproof makeup dissolves, eliminates scratching or scratching your skin or lashes.

 B. Pure water is especially good for sensitive skin and should be easily removed with light makeup and liquid coating.

 2. Gently press the cotton pad over your closed eye for 20 seconds.

 Do not touch your eyes; Instead, put the mat in place and let the makeup remover melt your makeup. This will make it easier to remove your makeup with as little massage as possible.

 3. Gently brush the makeup with a downward motion.

 Rubbing the delicate skin around your eyes will result in wrinkles and thin lines. Use low pressure and many strokes.

 A. Place your free hand on your forehead and slowly pull up as your other hand moves downward. This will keep you from blaming the skin around your eyes.

 4. Flip the cotton pad over and wipe your eyes with a clean, upward motion.

 You can also clean under your lashes.

 A. If you still have stubborn mascara on your cheeks, try brushing with a clean mascara.

 Method 2 to avoid 3 ፡ foundation foundation and blurring

 1. On dry skin, apply a quarter daily cleanser.

 Massage the area in a circular motion. Use your fingers to spread the cleanser all over your face, including the hairline. It takes about 45 seconds to complete this task.

 A. Use a ponytail, headband, or bobby pin to restore your hair to your face.

 B. Avoid long-lasting or liquid makeup before washing your face.

 C. Choose a cleansing oil or water that eliminates makeup or go for a natural alternative to coconut oil. Look for water-soluble and hygienic formulas.

 D. If your skin is prone to grease or breakage and is less prone to friction, try a makeup remover. This will soften your skin when you remove the makeup.

E. Baby wipes designed to clean the baby's skin instead of contact and makeup should not be used.

 2. Wipe your face with a damp face sponge, washcloth or cotton ball.

 You need to look at most of your foundations and blur them on the sink.

 A. Make sure your hairline, under the chin and around your ears are all covered.

 3. If you are having trouble getting rid of excess makeup, try using a cool cream.

 Apply a thick cool cream on your face and if you are having a lot of makeup on your hairline or if you are wearing a lot of makeup (you should definitely wear it if you are stressed or an actress) when doing makeup).

 A. Apply the cold cream on your face using a hot wash, and the stubborn makeup should come out with it.

 Method 3 of 3: Remove lip color

 1. Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your lips.

 You can not only remove the lipstick all at once but also moisturize your lips because you can massage properly.

 A. Do not waste your money on this expensive moisturizer. Suitable for over-the-counter and over-the-counter products.

 B. You can try replacing olive or coconut oil with petroleum jelly, but applying it on your lips can be a little messy.

 2. Allow the petroleum jelly to work for about five minutes.

 Petroleum jelly oil melts the oil in your lip color, which is why it works so well. Instead of resisting like water, it removes the oil from your lips.

 3. Apply a cotton swab to your lips for a few seconds.

 Wipe your lips with a small circular motion, but do not move the lip too much because you do not want the jelly to spread on your face.

 4. Wipe the petroleum jelly (and lipstick) off your lips with a cotton ball. Lipsticks should come out, most, if not all, of the lipstick.

 A. Repeat if desired. If there is still lipstick left on your lips, do not wash it off trying to remove it. If you are overly strict with them, your lips may become swollen.

 5. Moisturize and exfoliate your lips.

 Any leftovers will be removed by removing paint or flakes. Moisturizes your lips to keep them soft and healthy, allowing you to wake up with a lipstick ready.

 A. You can massage your lips with a lip balm, a clean, wet toothbrush or a mixture of brown sugar and honey.

 B. Wipe your lips with a gentle circular motion. Again, do not be too harsh, or else you will just breathe a sigh of relief.

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