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Check out the First Tea Humidor in the World Designed by Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja!

The Lotusier Tea Humidor is the First Tea Humidor in the World

Did you know that Lotusier tea humidor exists? I mean it is the first tea humidor in the world, and until now we didn’t think we’d need a tea humidor!

Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja teamed up with London-based interiors company Lotusier to create something unique for the tea drinkers.

They’ve put their minds together and come up with a tea humidor; sure we’ve seen cigar humidors, but never a tea humidor.

I guess we did not think of tea leaves as something that need a special care. But if the tea leaves are preserved, we get to enjoy a perfect cup of tea.

Probably it was the same thing that inspired the Swedish-native Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja’s mind when she set off to design the Lotusier Tea Humidor collection.

This Lotusier humidor is not just a humidor, it is both a work of art and something practical, you can use it without any problems.

Back in 2011, the designer Eriksson-Ahuja made her first tea humidor for her husband who happened to be a tea lover and a tea collector.

He was disappointed when his premium teas, loose their flavor and aroma. This is the base, the thing that inspired the designer to look for a solution. And she did find one.

With the idea in mind, she spent time researching and improving the humidor to prepare it for a launch.

The result of her hard work is the Lotusier humidor, which received the personal approval of Madame Yu Hui Tseng, a master of the Chinese Gungfu tea ceremony.

The tea humidors are handcrafted from sycamore wood with chrome detailing, special designed to protect teas from light, odor, heat, air and moisture.

Eriksson-Ahuja explained the reason for choosing sycamore wood “Traditional cigar humidors are cedar. It gives a lovely scent to the cigars, but it would be far too strong for tea.”

The Lotusier Tea Humidor is the First Tea Humidor in the World

She also added “Normally you wouldn’t want to keep a beautiful first flush Darjeeling next to a strong oolong. It would destroy the original flavor”.

Each tea humidor features a four to six air tight custom crystal containers that can hold up to 70 grams of loose-leaf tea.

Specially designed to keep flavors from blending and distribute humidity evenly with special channels in the crystals, a built-in thermometer, and the crystals’ stainless steel base help keep the humidity in check.

The Lotusier Tea Humidor is the First Tea Humidor in the World

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Eriksson-Ahuja London-based Lotusier Swedish-native Åsa Eriksson-Ahuja


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