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Skin Care

Muvenda gets his parcel from Vaseline. Check the comments about his delivery

Muvenda is living a good life in Venda, and he keeps on getting more things for himself. He got his parcel from Vaseline and he was even bring given a tip on how to maintain healthy skin during these winter months. Some people, when it is winter, like to mix petroleum jelly with their lotion, and it works better. It has been working for a long time.


Other people do not know about it, and it is very good as people are sharing tips on how to maintain their beautiful skin during winter. It would not be nice while you should be enjoying your lifestyle during winter, but you are having a problem when it comes to maintaining your skin. It is important to have good skin even when it is winter.

Since Twitter has blessed him with what he needed, he is pampering himself even better and his business is also doing well. When life changes for the better, it is always a good time and sometimes it comes from a situation you were not expecting, being positivness for the response. If he had not asked Twitter for help, it would have been more difficult for him to get off the ground.


He is happy with the parcel from Vaseline, and he shares more of his lifestyle on Twitter. People are happy to see him flourishing better than before, and he should also become a better person for someone. Another person would have a better lifestyle within a good heart, and that is the beauty of life.

Become a good person and good people will be around you. But you have to be careful as other people will come when you are shining and when you were pushing from the ground, they did not avail themselves. Surely he is aware of the people who helped him have a better lifestyle and be able to get a good parcel for Vaseline.

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