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Skin Care

"So ladies you are seriously bathing using Handy Andy" a lady stunned many with post.

According to MediaTakeOut, there's a new trend in South Africa, where girls use Handy Andy which is like cleaning cream with bleach (meant for cleaning homes) on their skin. Over time the cleaning cream eats away at the skin, and gives an appearance of a lighter complexion.

There are so many people who prefer to make changes to their skin in a way that they start looking lighter in complexion, some of them can even go through certain extends. As It has been said that there are ladies who use Handy Andy for bathing, there is a trend on TikTok whereby a lot of women have been taking part in.

One tweep who saw the challenge was left absolutely astounded by the use of this multipurpose cleaner on one's skin, hence she showed concern on Twitter on her post, she captioned her post: "So ladies you are seriously bathing using Handy Andy". This stunned a lot more people after hearing about.

What do you think of this trending challenge, would you consider using Handy Andy on your skin? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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