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How to check if your sneakers are real or fake. SPORTCENE accused of selling fake sneakers.

My favourate rule of thumb method of checking if I'm not buying fake Nikes/Jordans is entering this code in a quick Google search. If it doesn't give you images of that shoe in that exact colourway then you're being sold then it's a fake. Obviously you have to check physical quality. It is already hard finding the right kicks, now you also have to google to determine whether your kicks are real or fake.

Google the number on your sneakers, if it doesn't show you your sneakers then it's fake.

Even if it shows up with the exact colour of your shoes doesn't automatically mean the sneaker is legit. Theres nothing stopping fraudsters from printing the same style number to the sneakers tag.

Unfortunately even fake ones have style and color codes. Instead of relying on Google for that, sneaker headz YouTube channels to get a glimpse of what an original from a copy looks like.

These is no original either.Vietnam sneakers comes from the same Asian people that we run away from in China Town. Just that people assume it's original when it's bought from these well known shops.All these sneakers comes from same containers at the habour from China.

That number is called a style code and well honestly those are copied too. Besides most sneaker heads don't go from mass production shoes so verification of authenticity is done on a more intricate level.

Please follow me.

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