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Diuretic foods: here are 9 foods that eliminate waste

If you want to purify the body by eliminating waste and toxins in excess you can help yourself with diuretic foods that promote the purification of the body. By eliminating toxins, our body works properly and, in addition to allowing us to maintain a perfect figure, it also makes the skin brighter and more compact.

These foods are especially recommended for those suffering from water retention and swelling: these are the foods that should never be lacking on our table.


Cucumber, for example, also widely used in beauty treatments, has a high content of water and mineral salts: their consumption helps eliminate and prevent urinary tract infections by stimulating renal function.



Celery is also known for its diuretic properties: it is perfect to eliminate liquids and toxins; tomatoes, if consumed fresh and raw and not soaked in water, are excellent natural diuretics, thanks to their content of water, mineral salts, and potassium.


Artichokes can be used as diuretic food, since they play a beneficial role in our body, purifying and ensuring its proper functioning.



Like artichokes, asparagus is also a "diuretic food", as they play a beneficial role in our organism, purifying it and ensuring its proper functioning.



Among the fruits with diuretic action instead,d there is the watermelon, which thanks to its pulp rich in water activates diuresis: the number of urine increases, but our body does not lose mineral salts. It also helps the liver and kidneys to eliminate waste.


Even the grapes are a great ally: thanks to the presence of potassium it has a detoxifying action.



The pineapple is also excellent, especially if fresh and cut at the moment: in fact, the bromelain makes this fruit a powerful diuretic.

Green Tea


Some drinks can stimulate diuresis: this is the case for example of green tea, which thanks to the elimination of liquids also promotes the loss of sugar and excess fat.

Blueberries Juice

Among the recommended drinks, blueberry juice that fights water retention and activates circulation is also perfect.


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