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Andile Mpisane wears clothes that cost over 60K and people from Twitter were dragging him for them

Andile Mpisane wears clothes that cost over 60K, and one of the items from his outfit has been getting people talking about it. The shoes are expensive, but people are actually not happy with the price because it does not fit the price. They do not look great to them, but with Andile, he sees no problem with them. He is happy with the design.


People have been tweeting that all those bad-looking things are expensive and they are not happy with the price of them. They are very expensive, but then their design is not great. They don't look appealing and they are not about to be prepared to at least compromise about it. They had been on the same matter.

Since the beginning, people have been bashing him and he is also someone who does not look like he will not get something that will be loved by the majority. He is also not the first person to be bashed for their clothes or anything in general. It happens all the time, but why keep doing the same things that get you bashed?


It is felt as if almost the entire family is being dragged and that it will not end. One thing is that they love trending, but they can't take being bashed on something. Or maybe it is simply because he is doing the same thing that is not good. He should stop pushing very hard and just do or wear something that is not leaving people with their jaws open or surprised.


Surely he will be aware of what people have tweeted about him coming from someone who is close to him. That is how Shaun Mamkhize knew what people were tweeting about her, because she does not have a Twitter account. Even with Andile, he surely knows very well what happens on Twitter. They are choosing not to have a Twitter account.

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