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Classy, Heritage, And Culture, This House Design Has It All. Check Out The Features Below

Being unique is something very few people want, this might sound a bit off but it it's the truth. People are mostly inspired by other people, this has a big impact in their decision making since they want to live like that person who inspired them. This is the same when it comes to house design and real life houses, the houses we see all over are very similar, this is the reason I say being unique is something few people want

But the fact that few people are interested in being unique doesn't mean being unique is of no value, as a matter of facts, being unique can even inspire the whole community. For example, in South Africa we a shoe called "Drip", this show has a very unique design that most people would have never thought of making and wearing, but after the shoe got popular, there are so many shoes which have similar design to it

There are also house designers who design unique houses, and the person who made this house design is one of them. I feel like this house design represent three things, which is the class that the house has, the heritage and the culture of South African people

We all know that rondavel houses were very popular in South Africa, and even though some people are evolving from this heritage and culture, there are some people who are still keeping this culture

Other than the culture and heritage, this house is very classy, I believe we can all see that this house is not a full rondavel like the houses we had back then, this one has a pentagon sort of a shape. It even has nice concrete pillars and windows which is something that ancient houses did not have

This house design has a single bedroom, but that's not all, it also has a kitchen, a lounge, a bathroom and a store room with a fire place


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