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African Women Love Braiding Their Hair And Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why

Hair braiding is an old art form with roots dating back to 3500 BC in Egypt. In ancient days, Africans braided their hair according to their social classes, marital status, age groups, traditions, religions, ceremonies, and rituals. In Africa, both men and women braided their hair until civilization arrived and it became more popular among women than men. From ancient times to the present, African women have enjoyed braiding their hair. If you're curious about the reasons for African women's passion of hair braiding, a few of them are given below.


Hair braiding is a time-consuming and sometimes boring activity, but the boredom is alleviated by gossip among the women present at the salon. They talk about things that affect the heart, society, and life, as well as married women, children, and spouses. They discuss ideas and provide solutions to one another while resolving challenges. Braiding hair allows women to connect and create new acquaintances while also strengthening existing friendships.

 Hair Renewal

Science has established that African hair will continue to grow, but because of its natural dryness and brittleness, it is prone to repeated breakage, causing the hair to grow slowly for these women, causing them to not achieve the desired length of hair. Hair braiding is popularly considered to promote hair development, which has been scientifically confirmed to be accurate since blood flows into the scalp during braiding, stimulating hair growth. Braiding the hair also prevents breakage, knotting, and tangling.

 Trends in Fashion

Many African women enjoy following the newest fashion trends, particularly when it comes to hairstyles.


Different braid styles emerge on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, primarily during the Christmas season, and they become fashionable.

The majority of African women are enthralled by such braids, and in order to achieve the image they desire, they have their hair braided in that style on board.

 Preparation for Grooming


Because of its kinky nature and rough appearance, African hair can become wild and unmanageable. African women braid their hair in order to appear respectable and tidy. This not only makes them look neat, but also gorgeous and presentable, improving their self-esteem and confidence.

Hair Treatment Application


Braiding hair is a popular pastime among African women, and it's also a good technique to administer therapy to the scalp without completely shaving it. When the hair is braided, it is much easier to get to the scalp and apply therapy. Not only that, but it also facilitates the flow of oil from the scalp to the hair's tip.

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