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Hand And Nail Grooming Tips For Men

Manicures and well-groomed hands aren't just for women. Men should also pay attention to their hands, since they are often the most overlooked aspect of their bodies. Nothing is more enticing than a man with well-kept hands. This does not mean that you need to schedule appointments at nail salons on a regular basis when you can take care of your hands at home with a few simple suggestions. We show you how to keep your hands clean and well-groomed at home.

 Avoid using abrasive soap.


Instead of using harsh soap to wash your hands, try a moisturizing hand wash with ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, or shea butter, which will not only clean but also moisturize your hands. Also, instead of hot water, use lukewarm water if you don't like cold water.

Hands should be moisturized.


After washing your hands, make sure to moisturize them because the skin tends to dry up. To keep your hands supple and avoid cracking, use a fast-absorbing moisturizing lotion or cream. Hand lotion can also be used before bedtime to get smooth and soft skin in the morning. If you don't have any hand cream, regular petroleum jelly will suffice.

 Keep your nails clean and trim them if necessary.


To get rid of the debris lodged beneath your nails, clean your nails using a nail brush. Once a week, scrubbing your nails with a nail brush will make them squeaky clean. Cut your nails with nail clippers as well. After cutting your nails to a reasonable length, use a nail filer to file them.

You should not chew your nails

Chewing your nails causes them to become ragged and unsightly, as well as infect the folds with viral, bacterial, or fungal diseases. In addition, bacteria trapped under your nails can make you sick if you eat them.

 Hands should be exfoliated.


Exfoliate your hands using a scrub on a weekly basis, just like the rest of your body. Dry skin will be rubbed away with exfoliation, leaving your hands supple and healthy. You can use a store-bought scrub or make your own using brown sugar and olive oil or baking soda and olive oil. After cleansing, use a hydrating hand cream and massage your hands.


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