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Top 11 Beauty Hacks You Can Do With Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Historically, petroleum jelly has been used in the medical and beauty industries for a long length of time. This is owing to the fact that it has the capacity to aid in skin healing as well as having emollient characteristics.

Petroleum jelly is well-known for its moisturizing properties on the skin, but only a small number of people are aware that it can be used for much more than just moisturizing the skin. The following are 11 beauty tips that can be accomplished with petroleum jelly.

1. When applying nail polish, you can use petroleum jelly to keep the color from sticking to your skin. All that is required is that you apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles before beginning to apply the nail polish.

2. Shaving blades and other iron appliances can be protected from corrosion and rusting by applying petroleum jelly to the blades and other iron equipment. To keep them lubricated and smooth, only a little layer of petroleum jelly should be applied.

3. To avoid dry scalp, frizzy hair, and split ends, a small amount of petroleum jelly can be applied to the ends of the hair to make it oily.

4. Combine your petroleum jelly with a small bit of sugar to create a very effective facial scrub. You can also use this mixture as a lip scrub by mixing it with a little water.

5. If you intend to have softer heels, what you need to do is to rub petroleum jelly on your feet and wear socks on before going to bed every night.

6. Petroleum jelly can also be used to lubricate objects that have become stuck. You can use Vaseline to ease the removal of rings from fingers, for example. The lubricant will aid in the removal of rings from fingers that are tough to get rid of.

7. Petroleum jelly helps to treat minor skin cuts and burns. Apply it gently to the affected area on a daily basis. Make sure that the wound is properly cleaned and disinfected.

Oil-based fragrances and deodorants, such as petroleum jelly, can be made with this ingredient. This allows the scent from the perfume to stay for a longer period of time. Nothing more than putting the jelly to your pulse points before applying your perfume or deodorant will suffice.

9. Applying petroleum jelly around the perimeter of your scalp will aid in preventing the colour from leaking over and staining your clothing.

10. If you don't have any shoe polish on hand, you can reach for your petroleum jelly instead. Apply your jelly to the surface of your shoe and brush it in a circular motion until your shoe begins to reflect light appropriately.

11. Petroleum jelly can also be used to remove make-up from the face. It only takes a cotton pad, which you will use to softly press on your face without tugging at your skin, to complete this procedure.

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