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Skin Care

Feminine Hygiene Tips And Tricks

When a woman smells good she feels good.having a foul smell down there can strip down your confidence as a woman and make you feel not as good as you should feel about yourself

Curious to know what the cause of the unpleasant odour might be and how to treat it?Lets find out...

▪Vaginal smell can be triggered by a lot of things including bedroom activity,Infections,altered pH level and poor hygiene

Here are few tips and tricks that can help eliminate the unwanted smell

•Bath regularly.bath atleast 2-3 times a day

•Use cold clean water from the tap to rinse your lady part after taking your usual bath

•Avoid the use of scented soaps

•If the odour is accompanied by itchiness wash the area with warm water mixed with course salt using a clean cloth.You can do this for 3 days

•Avoid using scented sanitary napkins

•Do not steam your lady part regularly

•Tight underwear and pants can restrict the lady part from breathing,hence causing the unpleasant odour

•Sweating is identified as another cause of smell.Consider not wearing underwear when you've no plans of going out

•Immediately take a bath after taking part in a bedroom activity

•Avoid the use of oils or lotions on your lady part,more especially the scented one's

•Wash your hands before you attempt to touch your private part

•Eat enough fruits,Plain yoghurt and drink plenty of water

▪A healthy Vag's scent can be described as raw or fleshy

▪The only time you should be concerned if it's a fish-like smell or anything stronger you're experiencing

▪If you've tried all the natural methods to eliminate the unwanted smell with no success then it's time for you to visit a medical practitioner as it could be something serious that might cause internal damage if left unattended for too long

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