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Blood and Water Star | Khosi Ngema begins The Jewelery Venture

Photo: Instagram / Khosi Ngema

Animator Khosi Ngema has made the leap into the pioneering scene with a selection of ornaments.

The Blood and Water Star, who shipped the Ornament line last Friday in organization with Elegance The Brand, told TshisaLIVE it was a deep-seated dream and she was delighted that it was finally working as expected. Khossi says her father, the entertainer Mangaliso Ngema, inspired her to seek various exercises outside of the media.

“I also get [my entrepreneurial spirit] from my father. He kept pushing me to be innovative and I just need to do research in different regions when I can. I'm lucky enough to get into something like this a new domain for me. and it's certainly something to look for and see how it works.

From an accessory named Eartha in honor of Eartha Kitt to a bracelet named Billie in honor of Billie Occasion, a ring named Simone in honor of Nina Simone and Cybil in honor of her late grandmother, Tolerance Africa, who was also an artist, Khosi had those Opportunity to share their love for music and gemstones with their fans heard my music at the time, but they certainly will.

Khosi is at the height of her calling as an actress and says she will stand by before she flaunts her melodic gifts. “For the time being, I'll just take the path of least resistance. I just became an expert on myself and had this calling that started with acting.Music is an important part of me that I'll share when I'm ready.

Recently, Khosi received a gesture from American artist Gabrielle Association on Twitter that an artist of her kind had reached out to her to say she was fine. "It's such a great thing that someone like her went out of his way to remember me. I'm just grateful that she really remembers me, it's crazy and I trust that she does. It means I did something right.

"I was in the opening segment of Blood and Water with no prior experience ... so when it exploded like this it was a shock to me. everyone ... I'm grateful that I've had to do this pretty much forever all my life so I guess it comes with it, ”she said.

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