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Angry White Woman Posts Racist Comments After Black Women Dominate Miss SA

“Equality always feels like oppression when u are used to having it all for yourself while sitting high above everybody else without having to share with others.”

An angry White won a went on a racist rampage after finding out that Miss South Africa is a Black woman. The fact that the top 3 were only Black women infuriated her even more.

@tinyduiewel posted this on Twitter, “White and coloured women should stop entering because the contest is obviously rigged for the majority. I'm sorry they did this to you beautiful queens #MissSA2021”

Majority of the judges were White.

Not even 5 years ago Demi-Leigh won, three years of black AND coloured women winning back to back in a majority black country and you throw a tantrum. Grow up!

White people have been winning Miss South Africa for years and we've never complained what is the big deal now?

Go enter in England baby girl , this is South Africa!

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