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Secret Revealed: why do women wear waist beads? Check out the reasons why women wear waist beads.

Midsection globules is a customary African style frill that is generally made of little dabs on a string and worn around the midriff or hips. 

Midsection dabs generally come I various tones, shape ana sizes and some of them likewise contain appeal and gem. In South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal and other west African nations holds up dots are images of ripeness, exotic nature, gentility and otherworldly prosperity. 

Wearing midsection globules is a design adornment as it was before. The thing that matters is that these days it has been Incorporated to various styles and modes design that even women who don't think about the customary part of wearing them are doing as such, All for the sake of style. 

Various shades of midriff globules and thier importance. 


Earth and dependability 


Light, truth and virtue 


Great wellbeing, influence and abundance 


Euphoria, energy and bliss 


Force and assurance 


Fruitfulness, abundance,nature and thriving 


Certainty and imperativeness 


Riyalty, otherworldliness and insight 


Boldness, fearlessness and imperativeness 

* Pink 

Care, excellence, thoughtfulness and love 

Try not to let powerhouses to decieve you into believing that just thin ladies can wear abdomen globules in light of the fact that African midsection dabs are worn wonderfully by ladies, everything being equal, age and size. 

Did you realize that abdomen globules can be utilized to shape the midriff like numerous Ghanaians ladies do. 

Midsection dots can assist you with turning out to be more mindful of your stomach and stance. The globules fit very unique relying upon how one is sitting they can fill in as a suggestion to sit up straigh, draw in your stomach muscles, unwind your back and breath appropriately. 

Abdomen globules can be utilized as a body/hips shaper. It is said that abdomen globules can shape your body and keep the midriff little and hips emphasizd. It was and still utilized as an estimation instrument. 

Taking everything into account, abdomen dabs have come to remain however certain individuals wear midriff globules against eveil eyes and negative energy ( most midsection dabs contain chakras and gem are use for this) while others wear it as a design embellishment. 

Everybody can wear abdomen globules, paying little mind to their status. 

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