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Polka dots are returning this summer.

"I don’t think there is ever a wrong time for a polka dot “- Marc Jacobs

Cue the music, put on your dancing shoes. A classic pattern is polkaing its way back into our wardrobes. Folks (no pun intended), it is time to take a walk on the silly side of life. The polka dot wave is back and we’re happily riding on. Polka dots are by the most popular pattern which is known for evoking our child-like side. These silly dots aren’t just playful and fashionable. They also seem to cheer us up, I bet you’ve never seen a grumpy person in polka dots have you?

The term “polka-dot” refers to the Bohemian “folk” dance of the same name (Polka in the Czech language means “polish woman” or “little woman”). This makes sense as to why they have been dubbed as a feminine pattern.

So what started the polka dot frenzy? While most people seem to think that they originated from clown costumes, this is unfortunately not the case. Good guess though. Were polka dots inspired by freckles? You’ll have to read on to find out.

The English term polka dot stems from the craze for polka music that took over Europe in the 18th century. Seeing polka dots may invoke childhood nostalgia. But hold on, polka dots weren’t always considered fun, flirty or playful. In medieval Europe, wearing dotted patterns was frowned upon due to the unevenly spaced dots that made people think of diseases like a rash and smallpox which was rampant at the time. These dots were a symbol of the plague. Non-Western cultures had their own uses of the dots too.

Fast track to 1926 Norma Smallwood (then Miss America) was photographed in a polka dot swimsuit, this obviously triggered the polka dot mania within fashionable society. Two years later, Disney introduced its cartoon leading lady Minnie Mouse wearing a red polka dot dress and a matching bow. This is probably why children usually don a polka dress with ribbons and bows.

Polka dots have transcended decades and centuries. They have gone from being taboo, to playful and now fashionable (from Disney land to Dior’s couture collection). If you haven’t already noticed, polka dots are more prominent in the transitional period between spring and summer. Consider yourself lucky if your Instagram timeline hasn’t turned into Polkagram.

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