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What I have ordered VS what I got' Lady was left in disbelief after receiving the wrong hair

A young woman who claims to have ordered a weave online has been disappointed to find that she has not had the hair she was expecting.

The woman expressed her frustration on social media about the weave hairstyle she said she bought it at an online store that did not look any better than the ones she had bought for herself.

On social media while telling her friends in group on Facebook she posted pictures showing the type of hair she had bought and the type of hair she had been sent which looked completely different.

This botheres her a lot because these hair are not the ones she has payed for which will also be a process for her to take them back and request a refund because she seems to be so unhappy with the hair.

Many people are constantly complaining about how bad they are treated at online stores because they often do not get what they are looking for,what has made these online stores less reliable and less reputable.

Most people are now reluctant to shop at these stores because some complain that it takes time to find what they have bought or not at all.Also, when it comes to paying back money, these stores report a lot of incomprehensible things that make them feel hopeless.

Her friends who had been shopping at these stores comforted her when they told her not to worry because it was still the hair she had bought, but she had to do something to make it look like the ones she had been comparing to.

They told her she had to take them to the nearest salon to make the hair look the way she wanted them to look like ,but that would be a huge undertaking.

Because she needs to pluck the front hairline and spray the hair to get the wet look and,that could be a little bit of a process to a person who knows nothing about these kind of hair.

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