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She changes her Hairstyle Every day but Wears the Same Dress:Mzansi notices Something Wrong


Rosemary Ndlovu appeared in court again today .Rosemary is accused of killing six of her family members including her boyfriend for insurance money .Rosemary has collected millions in insurance using the deceased names.She has maintained that she is innocent and had nothing to do with the death of the family members .

Mzansi has noticed that when Rosemary comes on stand she always has a new hairstyle on .Everytime when she appears in court she has a new hairstyle .Isnt she held in prison during her trial?So where does she do all these new hairstyles from or there are now saloons in prison .

Mzansi noticed that ever since her trial she has been wearing the same dress day after day.Its amazing that she can change her hairstyles but she cant change her dress .One person commented " maybe her sangoma told her to wear this dress everyday when.She appears in court , we really dont understand why she never changes her dress.

Rosemary seemed so unbothered in court .How can a person who is accused of killimg six people and might face life in prison be so unbothered. She is also not showing any sort of remorse or maybe she is that cold .Its no wonder she even has the time to change her hairstyles,many people if put in her shoes will be running around like a headless chicked but Rosemary is so calm and doesn't look like she even cares.We hope justice will be served and that Rosemary is sentenced for her crimes .

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