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5 reasons for foot pain

1. Gout

This is a form of arthritis which can cause pain in the toes, especially the big toe. Rest the foot and ice the area to reduce inflammation but also see your doctor if you suspect you have gout.

2. Flat feet

With this condition, also called fallen arches, your feet don't have enough of an arch. However, you can support your feet to minimize the discomfort associated with fallen arches.

3. Calluses

Calluses are the thick patches of skin that develop on the points of your foot that rub most often on your shoes. They're often on the ball of the foot and are especially common when you also have bunions.

4. Stone bruise

This is an extremely painful bruise, usually caused by an impact injury or by stepping on a hard object. It often feels like you have a stone in your shoe.

5. Ingrown toenail

This happens when skin grows over the side of the toenail. It can occur on one or both sides, is extremely painful and can lead to infections.

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