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The Reasons Why Female Underwear Changes Colour.

This subject is one that many people are uncomfortable talking about, however this is a safe space, where no topics are taboo or too much.

The female organ is one that is self cleaning, and because of this it releases fluids to keep the area clean as well as moist.

Many ladies have noticed that after sometime of wearing underwear, parts of it changes colour, almost like it had been bleached, but it is completely normal.

The cause of this is an acid released by the body, when the acid gets into contact with the material of the underwear, a reaction occurs that causes the change.

This is very normal and no one should be ashamed of it, one way to avoid this is by wearing underwear that is not cotton ( however, experts suggest cotton underwear because it is more breathable).

It is completely normal for this to occur, and the more we have these conversations the easier it would be to accept. If this hap3to you, it mosst probably means that your body is functioning the way it was meant to.

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