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Is Henna a Protein for Hair?

Henna is a wild bloom from Africa. Nigerians and Ghanaians call it Laali. in Cameroon they call it Hausa leaves and in Somalia, they call it Cillian.

What's more, since early occasions Africans have taken the leaves and squashed them into a fine powder blend in with water and applied to fingernails as a sort of fingernail paint.

Henna profoundly conditions your hair and helps with catching dampness.

A few naturals may wonder..."Is Henna a protein for hair?" 

The appropriate response is, no. Henna isn't a protein. Yet, it does sort of copy a protein treatment by authoritative to the keratin (protein) that is as of now present in your hair strands and makes it more grounded by strengthening it.

Here’s how to use Henna powder for hair growth...


-Henna Powder – ½ Cup (depending on the length and volume of hair).

-Warm Water – ¼ Cup.

-Rubber Gloves.

-Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.


-Shower Cap.

Instructions to Prepare Your Herbal Growth Treatment:

Add warm water to Henna powder. Blend well to get a smooth consistency. Ensure there are no protuberances in the blend. Put it in a safe spot for at least 8 hours for better outcomes.

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