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3 Women Who Became World Record Holders Because Of Their Large Body Parts


It is possible that many people have held world records as a result of their amazing feats or participation in unusual activities. Specifically for you, below, we've put up a list of women who have large body parts and have gone on to break world records.

•Woman with the largest cheeks.

A 32-year-old Ukrainian woman named Anastasia Pokreshchuk presently claims the world record for having the widest cheeks in the world. To acquire a distinctive appearance, the Ukrainian model underwent considerable cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her cheekbones.

Anastasia claims she spent up to six years modifying her appearance and spending a fortune on cosmetic surgery to achieve the results she desired.

•The woman with world's biggest lips.

Ivanova, a 23-year-old Bulgarian woman who underwent a series of surgical procedures to attain the world's biggest lips, currently holds the Guinness World Record for having the widest lips.

Thanks to the 20 individual lip filler injections she underwent to quadruple the size of her lips, she was able to achieve what she set out to do.

•The woman with widest hips in the world.

An investigation has revealed that Michaela Ruffinelli (49), is known as the woman with the widest hips. Up until the time she gave birth to her first kid, at the age of 22, she was a woman of typical height and weight.

Her height is 1.62m and her hip circumference is 8 feet, 2.4m, all of which are quite impressive statistics for a woman of her age. In order to maintain her weight, Mikel Ruffinelli must consume approximately 5,000 calories every day.

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