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The Most Tattooed Man In The World, Lucky Diamond Rich.| OPINION

He was born in New Zealand as Gregory Paul McLaren, but later changed his name to Lucky Diamond Rich. At just 16, he started performing in Circus.

He has tattoos covering his entire body including ears, mouth, foreskin, and the insides of his eyelids. He has held the record of the most tattooed since 2006, as he is 100% tattooed.

He loved tattoos since he was a young boy and began reading about tattooed men and women. His first tattoo was a small juggling club on his hip. He then tattooed every part of his body, including every crevice and intimate area. Some of his tattoos are black while some are coloured.

His tattoos have taken over thousands of hours to ink and he has been worked on (tattooed) by hundreds of different tattoo artists.

So what do you think about this guy and would you cover your whole body with tattoos? Or do you have any tattoos? If you don't, do you plan on maybe getting one in the future?

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Circus Gregory Paul McLaren Lucky Diamond Rich.| New Zealand


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