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Check Out What Women in Different Countries Actually Wear

Stereotypes abound in life, but we enjoy debunking them. For example, we are accustomed to believing that Eastern women only wear black. We think French ladies enjoy berets and Italian fashionistas can't go a day without buying. These notions, on the other hand, have nothing to do with reality.

To demonstrate this, we urge you to embark on a trip through the fashion preferences of women all across the world.


Despite the fact that all women in Iran are required to wear headscarves when going out in public, current fashionistas in Iran have more choice in choosing what to wear than women in other Eastern countries. Women in Iran frequently mix and match clothing to create memorable looks with oriental flair.


True, some Japanese girls enjoy dressing up as anime characters and wearing short skirts with high platforms. However, only a few members of the subculture wear this style of clothes. The majority of Japanese women still like exquisite clothing with lovely accents that distinguish their style. Cute socks, straight silhouettes, and lovely accessories are their favorites.


Laconic shapes and beautiful designs define Parisian style. Simple ensembles with subtle details, naughty pairings, a lack of pretentious and showy logos, and, of course, a touch of feminine silliness are what distinguishes Parisian women's style.


Contrary to popular assumption, not all Italian women favor designer gowns and opulent jewelry. Indeed, such clothes are more frequently seen on runways than in real life. In general, Italian fashionistas dress according to their age: younger women choose casual brands, while older women prefer more exquisite attire. Every woman in this country takes care of herself and often updates her clothing.


Russian women are known around the world for their unrivaled beauty. The country's ethnic variety is the first cause for this. Second, Russian ladies care a lot about their appearance and put a lot of effort into it. It's not uncommon to see a nicely dressed lady going down the street in high heels while the temperature outside is far below zero. However, in recent years, female residents of big cities have begun to favor more comfortable clothing. However, Russian fashionistas aren't forgetting about style and femininity.

Great Britain

Do you believe British women still wear traditional coats and tartan textiles on a regular basis? Definitely not! Girls in this city know how to mix and match seemingly unmatchable things. They aren't scared to try new designs and love to accessorize their outfits with vibrant colors. English women are constantly one step ahead of the fashion world, and they are unconcerned with trends because London is the birthplace of trends.


In this country, fashion evolves at a breakneck pace. China used to be a nation of shopaholics, with girls buying anything they could get their hands on. Chinese women, on the other hand, are forging their own style today. Clothing with logos, vivid accents, and stunning jewelry are popular among Chinese fashionistas. They aren't hesitant to try new things and are always on the lookout for something new.


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