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Simple ways of drawing eyebrows and applying make-up please check this out

Many people are always complaining about how to apply make up and how to draw eyebrows these days. There are those who even turned into make-up artists and they really know what they are doing. On the other side we also have those who are trying to draw eyebrows but then they do not have the materials.

If you want to be good at this make-up thing you have to buy all the material that is needed. Go to clicks , Dischem, Signature or other stores that sells make up. When I am talking about other stores I am not talking about somalian shops. If you want to do your make up perfectly and draw your eyebrows well. Take a look at this.

1. Firstly brush your eyebrows using a mascara brush and soap on it.

2. choose any colour on you brow powder and apply it nice on your brushed eyebrows. Brush the eyebrows so that they can be shaped well.

3. Take a bush, pour a concealer on it and use it to shape your eyebrows. Use it both sides so that they can look good.

4. Then after apply the concealer of your colour face. This will help the make up to look good on you it is like a foundation.

5. On top use your pro concealer that matches with your face. I bet you will never go wrong just follow the steps.

6. And then blend it make sure that you do not over do it please.

7. Choose any colour from power eyeshadow pallette pigment. If you know that you won't focus please use a solotape at the end of your eyes so that the colour looks bright and perfect on you.

8. Then again there are shiny eyeshadows you can also choose a colour and apply it nice on your eyes.

9. Then after use your foundation on top of the first eyeshadow so that you can be able to put a bright colour there.

10. After apply foundation on face followed by a make of you colour you'll see the results.

11. Here we are done. Thank you for checking this i hope you have learned something.

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