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6 Permanent Beauty Procedure Nightmares.

The beauty industry is always in search of something quick and easy to help make the beauty routine effortless. Industry taste makers search for ways that allow the wearer to not have to do anything but simply wake up, just as Beyoncé proclaimed "I woke up like this". Over time beauty procedures have been made, so that women are able to avoid doing menial beauty and makeup tasks every day. We've seen women undergo laser hair removal to avoid the need to constantly shave. These procedures were made to keep you beautiful without even trying but our faces and skin are very sensitive and any mistake can create scars and damage that cannot be undone. 

The idea of not having to do your makeup every morning and just waking up looking fabulous sounds great right? The only thing is; to get that fabulous look, a risky procedures needs to be done. You need to do your research when considering permanent makeup because things CAN go wrong! Don’t believe it? Check out these 6 pictures of permanent makeup that went seriously wrong! Take caution and don’t end up like these women!

1. Eyeliner Gone Wrong

Photo: Google

2. Enhanced Lip Size

Photo: Google

3. Bad Eyelash Extension

Photo: Google

4. Tattooed Lip Liner

Photo: Google

5. Permanent Smile

Photo: Google

6. All Of It Goes Wrong

Photo: Google

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