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Skin Care

Vaseline and egg white to give you a younger looking skin

BSome people go into extreme length to have younger looking skins. Most of this routes they are expensive and painfully.

The use of Vaseline and egg white is currently trending. The face mask is said to help prevent breakouts. It makes your skin look well nourished and clean. It definitely makes you appear younger than your age group.

Ingredients that are found in egg white that makes the skin looks younger.

1. Egg white contains potassium which plays a huge role in keeping your skin fresh.

2. Egg white aids in shrinking pores.

3. It contains riboflavin, which is the vitamin that gets rid of toxic stuff that may cause wrinkles.

These combo is very essential. It is cheap and is easy to make. You need to make sure that you get wash your face with tap water first. Break an egg and seperate the egg white from the egg yolk. Mix it with Vaseline and use your fingers to apply to your face. For effective results you need to try this combo atleast one in a week.


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