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OPINION| These are not African Attires, an African Attire is Made of Animal Skin

Colonisation isn't only about statues and languages and food you're made to believe are superior than your own. It is also about us abandoning our attire in favor of that of our colonizers. We are taught to call our attire traditional as if western attire is not traditional in any way. We are made to dress up in a foreign culture and we are taught that is formal work attire, and we have embraced that! We go to work in our western suits, ties and costumes. Our attire is relegated to those so-called special occasions and we seem very comfortable with thatLet me ask ourselves this, have we ever seen any European culture embracing our attire as we do theirs? Have we seen them dress in "Seshweshwe" to work? Why do we think our dress code is inferior to theirs? We have weddings we term formal and traditional. We must be the only extravagant nation in the world. So extravagant we think some people will be offended if, in our ceremonies, we don't accommodate their cultures and traditions. And yet, they don't give a damn when they celebrate their cultures

This month is called heritage month, we regard that as a special month, of which ONLY one day is reserved for us to look like ourselves, as we should! All the other days of the year, we are very happy to look like other people! Is there something wrong with dressing up in our original attire everyday? Do we feel lesser of human beings in our own attire?What is wrong with the pictures below, just imagine us dress this way daily to work! Will we offend the British, Germans, Italians etc? Do we owe them anything to the extent that, if we don't dress like them, we may be imprisoned? I think we have to reclaim our attire and humanity as a people deserving to be counted as full citizens of this planet

Look how beautiful we look and just imagine the economic benefits it would yield, to our homegrown fashion designers

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