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Skin Care

Beauty Habits For Stunning Skin

1. Follow a regular skincare routine – both for your face and your body (hint – cleansing is a must twice a day).

2. Use flower water sprays and toners to quench the skin’s thirst and feed it with flower power!

3. Use self-tanning products every week to keep that healthy summer glow.

4. Do (or get) a face massage to smoothen up fine lines + wrinkles and keep your facial muscles toned.

5. Have a glycolic acid or salicylic acid peel once in a while to reveal baby-like skin. A BHA cleanser gives similar results too + helps to minimize acne.

6. Replace your skin care products as soon as they’re nearing their expiration date.

7. Replace your makeup regularly as well – to prevent bacteria growth + keep your complexion clear and healthy.

8. Clean and disinfect your makeup brushes every week to prevent infections (and pimples!). You can use olive oil, makeup remover, or even micellar water to successfully clean your brushes.

9. Do face masks or face packs – whenever you love to! Do it in a shower, before bed, or while working from home… Just do them – it’s an easy way to get and keep healthy skin!

10. Scrub your lips with a lip scrub every morning to keep them plump and soft.

11. Drink beauty smoothies to feed and strengthen your skin from within.

12. Exfoliate your skin once a week to slough off old skin cells and completely remove any sweat (you can also use exfoliating face wipes).

13. Alternate between oils and gels to keep your body skin soft and fresh all the time.

14. Get (or do yourself) a weekly body massage to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and to make your skin firmer.

15. Steam your face once a week to deep clean your pores and “open the doors” for any face mask or moisturizer you use.

16. Put on SPF sunscreen every morning (and reapply too, if you can!) to prevent freckles, age spots, and sun damage. It’s generally recommended to limit sun exposure too.

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