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" What's the use of such long nails ? " - a guy asked

Apart from the fact that longer nails make women look more pretty and feminine. Former times princesses had long nails because they did not do house chores, they could easily maintain them. It somehow became a status symbol, women such as maids did not have long nails because the nails chipped off while doing household chores.

We often find ourselves appreciating the long nails of a woman. This makes us wonder why women have long nails in the first place. Is it only a fashion must-have? Or does keeping long nails symbolize something?

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that extended nails have been a feminine requirement for quite a while now.

Long nails can increase the beauty of a person’s hands. The fingers look slim and luxurious due to the perfectly shaped and painted nails. That is why women use nail polish to make their beauty stand out. This also boosts their confidence. This is why women adore having long nails


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