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"How To Use Castor Oil For Hair(Grow Beautiful Hair Fast)"

There is something of which people don't know about natural remedies. Castor Oil is the natural remedy that was used back then, some used it for cooking while others for bathing with it.

There are many benefits of castor oil of which we know nothingabout. What someone told me about it can be an amaze to most of you. We all know the kind of bad smell castor oil has. As we sometimes drink it as a laxatives. While others are using it to bath or use for cooking with it. Castor Oil is not one of the dangerous laxatives like others. Only if it's not it's bad taste.

What is your say in this, what have you use it for. Did you also use it for a laxatives or only by using it. How did you react by the first time smelling it. Some people the things that tastes like castor oil when smelling it for the first time. Some people feel dizzy while others vommit.

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Castor Oil


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