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How To Keep Your Hair Relaxed With Aqueous Cream |Healthy Hair Habits

Image Source: Kaye Wright via YouTube

Let's admit it: we all know how bad relaxers are for our hair but it's still one of the number hair treatments that black women and girls go for today. With this in mind, the smart approach to relaxed hair is moisture, protection and a timed schedule.

Refinery29 reports that more of us are going back to chemical straighteners like relaxers because it "simply makes hair more manageable". But, they say, "It suggest that relaxer is the only way to make hair more maintainable, which is simply not true".

Today I'm going to share a method that will not only extend the length of time that your hair remains straight, but will also stimulate hair growth as well as provide deep hydrating protection. However, if you currently have a condition related to your skin and hair, please consult your dermatologist before giving it a try. For everyone else, all you need is a few ingredients and discipline!

This care routine begins with your typical relaxer procedure either at home or at the salon (recommended). All relaxers contain chemicals that destroy and redesign the curl pattern you were born with, and they make your hair thirsty! Poorly done, a relaxer can result in scalp burns, sores, hair thinning, breakage and dryness.

For those who particularly want to avoid using parabens, which have recently lost popularity among health-conscious women, aqueous cream is just what you need.

But assuming that you got your hair relaxed well, you can now proceed with the home hair care routine, which should begin one week after the relaxation. You will need only three ingredients:

1. Some aqueous cream

2. A few drops of peppermint oil

3. A teaspoon of avocado oil

Fermented rice water (optional)

In a small container, mix 3 or 4 tablespoons (depending on how much you need for your hair) of aqueous cream and avocado oil until well combined. Then add 10-15 drops of peppermint oil and mix well. If you have a fermented rice water mixture already, lightly wet your hair with it and comb it through. Then apply the aqueous cream thoroughly to your hair, from scalp to ends, and make sure your hair lies flat and straight as you do this (use a fine comb). Now cover your hair with a bonnet or shower cap, and let it absorb for at least one hour - you can even sit with this the whole day!

You will love this treatment and your hair will thank you because aqueous cream contains an emulsifying ointment as well as white soft paraffin, ingredients that are used to "soften, hydrate and protect the skin and soothe any irritation, especially in patients with dry skin conditions," according to Zuche Pharma.

White soft paraffin provides a layer of oil on the surface of the skin to prevent water evaporating from the scalp surface, locking in moisture for your hair. Peppermint oil creates a tingling sensation on the scalp, which researchers say stimulates hair growth, and the avocado oil feeds essential proteins to make your hair strong!

You can wash out the treatment with any shampoo of your choice, and if your hair is longer, you can dry it with an electrical blow dryer. For ladies with extremely short hair, I recommend combing your hair into your desired style and slick it down with hair mousse or styling gel.

You can repeat this every week until you get your hair relaxed again. Byrdie says the best way to tell when you need relaxer again is if there is "enough new hair growth for the relaxer to adhere to, and you should be able to see a clear line of where the relaxed hair begins and where the new hair growth ends". This way, you don't over-relax your already relaxed hair, and you are taking very good care of it in between.

This aqueous cream is especially great for those with short natural hair aiming to achieve pretty hairstyles. It's also a new way to "relax" your hair every week without all the harmful chemicals!

Your hair will stay relaxed for longer, and you'll notice more length and thickness. Hello healthy hair!

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