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Reasons Why You Have Cracked Heels And How To Fix Them

Even for those who don't give a fig about appearances, showing their feet or walking around in dry cracked heels can be humiliating. A dry and thickened layer of skin has formed around your heels if you notice this on your feet (dehydration). The breaking of one's heel can be caused by a variety of different things..

Dehydration and fractured heels can both be caused by an individual's weight. In obese or overweight people, the skin on the back of their heels is put under more stress. If they are carrying a lot of weight, the skin around their heels may fracture and become exposed as a result. Skin can also grow thick and dry if you don't have enough vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients in your system. Open-back footwear (such as a sandal) can also lead to cracked heels due to friction. This is because they compel the skin of your heel to develop in the opposite way from where it should.

Additionally, as people age, the skin of their feet and hands thickens, sometimes resulting in cracked heels (this mostly occurs after menopause). Long, hot baths and standing on hard surfaces (especially barefooted) are two more possible causes (long showers can strip off the oil in the skin around your heels and make it dry).

Our discussion about your cracked heels will conclude with some all-natural solutions for the condition. Also, if the variables listed above are the root of your cracked heels, you may want to consider making small lifestyle changes.

Bananas are natural skin moisturizers and contain vitamins A, B6, and C, which assist to keep the skin smooth and supple, making them an ideal cure for cracked heels. Make a paste out of two ripe bananas and test it out by making the paste with them. After uniformly applying the paste to your feet, let them sit for at least 25 minutes before rinsing them with warm water to remove the treatment. This method should be repeated every night until the desired result is achieved.

Aside from that, honey is a natural skin moisturiser that works by redistributing water from within the skin's layers to the surface, where it can promote healing. To see if it works, soak your feet in a warm cup of honey-infused water for at least 25 minutes while massaging your feet. Use a foot scrubber or pumice stone to gently remove any hard, thick skin that has grown around your heels. After you've washed your feet, use foot lotion or another moisturizing moisturizer. This method should be repeated every night until you are satisfied with the results.

Use vegetable oil to keep your heels in place as an additional option. Cleanse your feet, then apply a thin layer of vegetable oil and let it sit for at least an hour before wearing your shoes again (you can put on socks to contain the oil). To get rid of dead skin cells, use baking soda as an exfoliant on your skin.

Put 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a tub of warm water and soak your feet for 15 minutes. Exfoliate your heels with foot scrubbers or pumice stones to remove any hard or thick skin (do the same when you use a banana). Using a foot lotion or moisturizing cream after you've cleansed your feet is recommended.

Vegetable oil is in a similar condition. Soothing comfort can be had by cleaning your feet, applying aloe vera gel, and leaving them on overnight (you can put on socks to contain the gel).

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