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Here Is The Real Reason Why Woman Wear Waistbeads

You might have seen a number of women that wear waist beads. This article focuses on some of the reasons why women wear waist beads.

1. As a fashion accessory.

Some women decided to wear waist beads as a fashion accessory. This is a a fashion statement that developed recently. While many women have a strong reason to wear waist beads, some just wear them for esthetics.

2. To keep track of their weight.

Some women wear waist beads in order to keep track of their weight. Because waist beads do not stretch, when a person gains weight the waist beads will sit higher on the waist and when they lose weight they will drop lower.

3. Spiritual and cultural reasons.

The most common reason for wearing waist beads is for spiritual or cultural reasons. Various cultures wear beads and they symbolise different things.

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