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Why Your Hair Might Be Turning Gray At Younger Age

I was able to dig deeper to find out more about what might be making young people's hair turn gray quickly, and I want to share what I found.

There could still be something wrong with your thyroid.

Studies have shown that problems with your thyroid have a direct effect on your hair follicles. Hair that turns gray early or is brittle or oily could be signs of a problem with the thyroid.

2. You might not have enough vitamin B12.

Experts say that the most common reason for early gray hair is not getting enough vitamin B12. Also, it may cause you to lose your hair. Make sure your diet includes things like eggs, meat, tuna, and salmonoid to avoid this. B12 can also be taken in pill form.

3. Eating more fast food and less healthy food

If you don't eat well, you might get more gray hairs. Studies have shown that ferritin, calcium, vitamin D-3, copper, zinc, and iron may help keep your hair healthy, while not getting enough of these nutrients can cause your hair to turn white before it should.

4. You're worried and stressed out a lot.

Experts have found a link between stress and getting gray hair at a young age. Stress has an effect on the stem cells that help your hair grow back, which speeds up the graying process.

5. Passing on genes

The white hairs on your head come from your grandparents and parents. Dermatologists say that our genes play a big role in when our hair turns gray, so if someone in your family went gray at a young age, you'll probably do the same.

6. You use chemicals and hair dyes.

Most hair products, like shampoos and hair dyes, can make your hair turn gray. They have dangerous chemicals in them that lower melanin levels, which makes your hair lose its natural color over time.

7. You can stop it by taking these steps.

In reality, you can't go back to your old color once you've turned gray. But you can take steps to keep your hair from ever turning gray.

Cover your head when you go outside if you can to keep your hair from getting damaged by the sun. Also, stay away from hair dryers and curling irons. Use a wide-toothed comb instead. Try massaging coconut oil into your hair a lot. Also, you might want to eat more broccoli, kale, cabbage, almonds, and carrot juice.

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