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Skin Care

9 Simple Shaving Techniques For A Smoother And Softer Skin

Shaving may be the most effective method of hair removal, but it is far from the most effective.

 If you have slightly thicker and thicker hair on issues such as your legs, shaving causes a sharp, peach fuzz, which is unattractive. With a few tips, you can make your shaving experience smoother than ever.

 Here are 9 shaving tips to keep your skin smooth and supple

 1. Shaving should be the last thing you do in the bathroom.

 Even if you do not reach the end, do not shave dry skin. Wash your body for a few minutes and allow it to take warm water. Steam and water soften your skin and open your pores, allowing you to shave more closely.

 They also relax the hair follicles, ensure smooth shaving and prevent skin damage!

 2. Exfoliate your skin before shaving.

 You can do a perfect shave just by smoothing your skin before shaving.

 This is an easy way to get rid of it before shaving. Release helps to remove dead skin cells, resulting in slippery and slippery razors. But if you take a shower before shaving, avoid doing this after hair removal because it can irritate your skin.

 3. Pay attention to the direction.

 After shaving, the way you use your razor will help ensure you have smooth, cochlear-free skin.

 Start by shaving the direction in which the hair grows, then change the position of the razor and slide in another direction to achieve maximum results. Slipping in the opposite direction is not uncommon for people with sensitive skin.

 4. Use shaving cream.

 Even if water is scarce in an emergency, it is best to wash when you have time. Shaving cream provides a pillow for your razor to work on, which allows for smooth sliding.

 As a result, redness, irritation and itching are reduced after shaving. We encourage you to wash the foam at all times, even if you are no longer shaving. In these cases you can use soft, fluffy hand sanitizers or conditioners.

 5. Swipe only once

 It is difficult to resist the urge to shave in one place to get all the hair removed and silk and smooth skin. When you do, the opposite happens.

 Frequent swaying in the same area can irritate your skin, causing itching, rashes, redness, and dryness. A single brush with an unused two- or three-blade blade is sufficient. Remember to use light pressure when shaving.

 6. Use only razors designed for women.

 Men's razors (as well as disposable razors) are cheaper, but more dangerous! This is because razors are designed exclusively for women and do not have additional features.

 Most women's razors, for example, have extra moisturizing pads to keep your skin soft and supple. Other features include an angle head (improved shaving in hard-to-reach areas) and a protective pillow (nick-free shave).

 7. Use a small stroke to shave.

 A long stroke may seem easy and fast, but it is the shortest that actually removes all hair. So, the next time you shave, use a small stroke and apply light pressure. You will have a closer shave and hair-free skin for a longer period of time.

 8. Apply body oil after shaving.

 The same reason applies when men use ointments after shaving. Body lotion moisturizes your skin and makes it soft and supple.

 This is because it is best to shave first and then shave, after which your skin may look dry and scaly. After finishing, apply lotion to remove this unpleasant effect. It is best to massage your skin when it is wet as it gives a soft and dewy appearance.

 9. After three shaves, get a new razor.

 You cannot shave the same area two or three times with a dirty razor to get the desired result. This can cause itching and skin irritation, which can be easily removed by replacing both your old razor after three uses and replacing it with a new one. The razors on your razor are sharp enough to shave up to three times. Things are not the same anymore. So, changing your razor regularly is a great option!

 What good is shaving if you have to cover your skin with acne and rash? Take our advice and use these 9 tips to find the best shave you have ever had. Please share this piece with someone.

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