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Stunning Mehndi (Henna) Designs for all Skin Types

Different styles of mehndi varies from country to country, over different cultures and religious traditions, making it possible to recognize cultural distinctions. All traditions can be distinguished, aside from the modern use of henna as a temporary tattoo.

Henna has always been used to decorate young women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the Bronze Ages in the eastern cultures.

Moisturizing with natural oils after application, such as olive, or coconut, will also help extend the lifetime of mehndi on the skin. Skin exfoliation causes the henna to fade.

Henna on the top of the hands can be of protection and often includes shield patterns.

Mehndi on the feet are truly a spiritual place for henna, as they connect the body, mind and spirit with the earth its believed.

There are huge variations and designs. Ladies usually apply mehndi designs to their hands and feet, though some though rare tattoo their scalps as well.

The standard color of henna is brown, but other design colors such as white, red, black and gold are sometimes employed, with white and gold being the current trend!

In countries where women are discouraged from working outside the home can find acceptable, lucrative earnings doing mehndi.

Here are some of the most stunning designs for all skin tones.

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Henna Mehndi


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