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If You Think Casio Watches Are Classy Then You Must See Nkarhi Watches from SA|See Photos(OPINION)

This is a typical examples of the locally designed timepieces called Nkarhi which may translate to 'Time' and that has been inspired by the city of Gold which is Johannesburg.

Such beautiful timepieces are specially designed for both men and women respectively.

They come in all different colours and shades you can choose from, which may suit one's individual needs or character with a strap of leather that is adjustable to fit one arm.

Message and pictures from happy clients who have experienced these kind of timepieces as illustrated on the above mentioned photos and screenshot.

Indeed Casio may look classy but not as elegant and sophisticated like the Nkarhi Watches.

Just for insight next time when u consider buying your partner a gift for his or her birthday or anniversary you might consider buying this timepieces as a gift and you'll thank me later.

For more information or any enquiries toy can visit Nkarhi social media platforms as illustrated on the above.

Please let me know what you think about these watches that are produced locally?

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Casio Nkarhi Nkarhi Watches SA|See


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