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OPINION:Fashion and Beauty industry

Beauty practitioners genuinely care about their clients' wellbeing and are often considered a friend.

Not only do they help them feel better about themselves, they also support their mental wellbeing and the general wellness of their communities.

Beauty is more than skin deep. It’s a reflection of your physical and emotional well-being. When people are healthy, it shows.

Estheticians understand the importance of appearance, and it’s their mission to help clients look and feel their best, inside and out, with beauty care.

Especially, it is immensely popular among women. Beauty products make up a major profit maximising industry in the fashion world.

Majority of the revenue comes from the sell of makeup products to the fashion industry.

Fashion and beauty industry is more important and increases the economy.

The  fashion industry is one that is characterised by glitz, glamour, and everything in between.

It is one that sets the pace for trends and generally determines how many of us define beauty.

Apart from the clothes and accessories that come to mind when we think of fashion, other aspects make fashion what it is today, and one of them is makeup.

For most women, makeup is what completes their dressing and makes the entire ensemble come alive.

Even though many models don't succeed because of certain.

Even after the economic magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic on brands and retailers will be far greater than any recession.

There are signs that the beauty industry may once again prove relatively resilient

Most beauty and fashion industry provides jobs opportunities and for many unemployed youth.

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