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A customer experienced swelling after he had a hair cut at Foreign National hair salon in Mankweng.


You wake up oneday and decided to have a beautiful haircut at the salon only to later experience swelling.A sad and unhappy salon customer was brought to the hospital after he complained of head itching on Sunday.The itching resulted with his face swelling after he did a haircut at the Foreign National salon in Mankweng complex, Zone 1.

According to the customer he visited the salon o Thursday tohave his haircut and dye.He was then treamed with razor blade machine and dyed.Thw problem started on Friday when his head became itchy and he decided to cut his head bald.He went to the salon to inform the owner but he was chased out.

The customer was admitted in Mankweng hospital on Sunday for treatment and was diagnosed with an allergic reaction.

What are your thoughts about the customer who had allergic reactions and his swollen face, iys sad right? Kindly share, like and comment below.

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